Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) started internet censorship which blocks Malaysian to access 10 file sharing sites including fileserve, megaupload, duckload and so on. People have shown anger and disappointment towards the decision of government. Luckily, the method adopted to censor/block these websites are certainly not strict enough. We can simply change the default DNS address to Google DNS in order to bypass the SKMM/MCMC internet censorship.

Well, most of the people might not aware that apart from file sharing sites, actually the government has long blocked some of the shady websites to keep people away from them. It is not appropriate to point out the name of any shady websites at here but those websites may be important for some people.

Sometimes changing DNS address also works on bypassing the censorship in public WIFI connection. Places like university, college, hostel, restaurant and café may have restricted your internet activity. For example, Universiti Malaya (UM) is blocking for whatever reason, it is a engineering professional community which has a lot of helpful information. Instead of using proxy or vpn, just change your DNS is good enough to get around the restriction.


Google DNS Address


Setup Guide for Windows 7 Users


Step 1: Find your internet connection icon and left click

Step 2: Right click on your connecting network

Step 3: Click on status.

Then, click on properties.



Step 4: Select Internet Protocol Version 4… and click Properties.

Step 5: Click on “use the following DNS server addresses and key in Google DNS address.

Step 6: You’re done. Now try connect to those file-sharing websites again.


Note*: Above demonstration is based on wireless connection, lan connection is pretty much the same.


Enjoy your restriction free browsing. If you have better ways or tips, share it with me and everyone else too.