Recently there are many websites especially some Chinese/Taiwanese blogs and forums that hide their content using “facebook like” feature. Readers have to like the posts in order to read them. It is a good promotional tactics for blogs and websites. However, it just seems wrong because we haven’t finished reading the content, why in the world we should like it first? After all human being is the most curious creature, right? We still want to read it even that we know it is a trick. There are few methods can let us see the hidden content on websites without having to “facebook like” it.

Bookmarklet Method

A short javascript code created by For those who can’t read chinese, there are two ways to use it.

  1. Simply go to the website. Drag the link at upper right corner of the page and bookmark it. Once you at the web page with hidden content, click on the bookmark to unlock them.
  2. Copy the javascript code below to your browser address bar and hit enter to unlock hidden content.

Firefox Addon/Chrome Extension

Anti-Force like addon is developed by MingApps. The creator mentioned it is possible that after liking certain page or website, it may collect your facebook information, browser behavior and post the unwanted promotion links in your wall. This addon is intended to stop this kind of spam-ish activity. Check out the Firefox addon and Chrome extension.

No Page Style Method

This method only works for Firefox. Assuming that you’re using Firefox 4.0 or above, hit [Alt] button on your keyboard and the menu bar of Firefox will appear. Then, go to View and select Page Style. Now, hit No Style and you’re done. This method works by stripping all the styles and themes of a website leaving only the content. The arrangement of content will be messed up but you get to see the hidden content.

Source Code Method

If none of the methods above suit you, try to check the source code of the web page. The source code will looks extremely complicated for regular people but don’t freak out. Ignore all the clutters and use search function to find the last sentence which is not hidden. Then, scrolling down a bit more in the code and you will find the hidden content.

  1. Firefox – Right click on mouse and choose View Page Source
  2. Chrome – Right click on mouse and choose View Page Source
  3. Internet Explorer – Right click on mouse and choose View Source


Each of the methods may work or break on some sites. There are some sites which all methods would not work on it. I will advise you to simply ignore them.

One more very important thing
, if the website really provide valuable content (like mine) please like it after you have read the whole content. I will be glad if you share this post with your friend or like it if you feel that it is good. It will certainly motivate me to move on and work harder. Thanks~