It seems nonsense to share tips on how to copy tables and figures from Microsoft Words to PowerPoint. I realized that there are actually many people doing it the wrong way. Many of them simply take a screenshot of tables in MS Words and paste it into PowerPoint. As it is just a picture, the words and lines will look blurry once you enlarge it. It looks awkward and unprofessional in presentation. People may think that you’re not serious with your works.

wrong-powerpoint-tableScreen shot of table in PowerPoint, looks weird?

Actual table in PowerPoint, better?

One common mistake people made is that they copy (ctrl+c) the table from Word and paste (ctrl+v) it into a text box in PowerPoint. If you do that, errors will occur and paste only text from the table. People quickly thought that they can’t copy the table and take a screenshot of the table instead.

The correct way to do it should be copy the table and paste it outside of textbox, on the background of powerpoint slide. You will get a nice and clean table. Check out the video below and you will understand how simple it is.

Note: This tips work well in copying figures and graphs too.