Ever wonder how to download fast and painlessly like a premium user using Hotfile, Filesonic, Fileserve, Megaupload, Rapidshare and other popular file sharing sites? If you’re someone who is poor like me and don’t have that extra bucks in pocket to pay for premium memberships in those sites, or maybe you’re just some frustrated consumers who have purchased premium memberships on one site but refuse to purchase another one as there are almost a new file sharing service comes up every month. There are actually few tricks which allow you to download like a premium user without spending a penny.

1. Fetch.io

Fetch.io is the new comer and rising star of cloud storage service. Basically, it helps you to download files from sites like Hotfile and stored it in their server. Then, you will be able to download the files with much faster speed because you’re downloading from their server instead of hotfile which has limitation on free users.

The service is currently in beta providing all users 20GB storage and 40GB bandwidth. There will be a free plan for users so you should have no worries to keep your file there. Plus, this service can be used to download torrents too. I highly recommend you to try it out now! Please note that fetch.io is currently constantly overloaded now. There will be time that your files do not start downloading immediately because they are in queue.

2. Premium Link Generator/ Leech Services

There are many random premium link generator services on the web. Premium link generator concept works the same as fetch.io. It fetch files from file sharing site and host them on their site. Usually link generator sites will only allow you to process one link at a time and limitation on numbers of files you can download per day.

You can try them out but most of them are not good at all. When you see any premium link generator that force you to take a survey, install any toolbar/software, or click on any kind of advertisement, LEAVE THE DARN SITE IMMEDIATELY! Most of the sites will squeeze you to the last bit and you don’t get to download any file in the end. It would be wise to install Firefox addon or Chrome extensions which block ads. Here, i would only recommend you to try out downloadpremium.net and hlusoe.info.

3. Using One-Click-Hosters Downloader

Jdownloaders and Cryptload are two downloaders built specially to download from file sharing sites like rapidshare and megaupload. These downloaders do not magically speed up your download or let you download multiple files at the same time.

What they do are automatically solve captcha, reset modem/router to renew ip in order to bypass wait time and auto queue all the files to download. One of the biggest disadvantages is that broken download cannot be resumed. They are also require quite some time and effort to set up before you can start downloading.

4. Purchase/Earn a Premium Membership

If all of the above solutions do not help, you may want to purchase a premium memberships. Before that, make sure you compare the pricing and benefit for each of the services. Purchase only one which you will benefit from it the most. Alternatively, you can earn the memberships, e.g. Hotfile affiliate programs allows you to use your earnings to purchase its premium account. It is hard but possible to do.

Do you know any better tricks or tips to download faster and better from file sharing sites? Leave your comment below.