firefox 4 beta

Mozilla had just released Firefox 4 Beta 11. Each version of the release is getting more stable, final release is expected to be arrived very soon.

If you are type of early adopter, this latest version of Firefox 4 Beta is really worth to try out. Brand new Firefox 4 is great and fast but our beloved add-ons and extensions should not be sacrificed. Firefox would not be the same without its awesome collection of add-ons, right?

SlashTasks’ Best Firefox 4 Add-Ons

Top 5 must-have in the list

1. Adblock Plus – The name tells it all, blocking ads and unnecessary script at its best. With this add-on, everyone can gain control of the web and enjoy advertisement-free browsing. See what you want and hide what you don’t need.

2. NoSquint – Best zooming tool for Firefox. You can choose to adjust only the text size or use full page zoom (both text and images) for all sites as well as per site. Try using it to zoom text on facebook and feel the difference. Improving readability equals to increase productivity, right?

3. AutoPager – Automatically loads next pages when you reach the end of a page. Tons of websites, includling Lifehacker, Digg, New York Time and Google are supported. No matter you are scanning through the Google search results, reading long forum posts or even reading manga, this is a totally must-have add-on. Non supported sites can be configured easily using the add-on option.

4. LastPass – Free online password manager and form filler to make your internet experience easier than ever. You don’t have to remember even one of hard to memorize strong password anymore (maybe one, your master password). Especially useful for people who have a lot of accounts on different websites.

5. Firebug – Firebug may not be useful for average people but it is definitely the most precious add-on for web developers. One of the most important add-on in the ocean of Firefox extensions!

Another 5 useful add-ons

6. Greasemonkey – Using the power of third party java script to customize the appearance and function of webpages. Thousands of  scripts are posted in You can use it  to tweak facebook interface, block advertisement or even automatically shorten link in twitter.

7. Download Statusbar – Keep your downloads organized and easily accessible at the bottom of browsers, just like a status bar. Simple yet useful.

8. Xmarks – Calling itself to be the no.1 bookmarking add-on and xmarks does live up to its claims. It works so easily and seamlessly across every major browsers out there. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari are all supported. Once properly set up, it can start backing up and synchronizing across your browsers of choice.

9. Read It Later – There are time that you really need to read it later. Save pages to read later and check them out when you are free. I use this “Read It Later” for casual reading material and bookmarks for important stuff/websites.

10. SmoothWheel – Scroll page smoothly instead of the default jerky/jumping scroll style. Reading while scrolling is actually possible. Some people do not like it and some can’t live without it. Experience the fluidity yourselves by trying this add-on.

Do you like my add-ons recommendation? Create a Mozilla account, or sign in if you already own one, and follow this Slashing Firefox Add-ons pack. Then, you will be able to quickly install the recommended add-ons and keep track of changes to the collections.

Are you using Firefox 4 now? Which useful add-ons are must-have for you? Please share with me in the comments.