How many times that you wanted to send a file and realized that Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail only allow a 25 MB attachment size limit? It is indeed very frustrating especially when you are in a hurry. You can split large file into multiple smaller parts and the recipient will have join all of the parts after downloaded them. Or you can try some other interesting file sharing services available for free which i previously have covered.

I have searched around the web for best services focus on files transfer to a few particular persons via email rather than file sharing to the public. Most of these services will only keep your file for a short time, limited recipient and most importantly email-based.


Wetransfer is considered as the newcomer in files sending business and it proves itself to be unique. There is no registration required and no premium features available for now.


  • 2GB file limit
  • 20 recipient per transfer
  • Files stored at server for 14 days
  • https connect by default


YouSendIt was founded in year 2004 and gain an instant success. Over 15 million users and 2,500 corporations, including  Yahoo have used YouSendIt to send large files safely and easily.


  • 100MB file limit
  • Files last for 1 week and cannot exceed 100 downloads



Perhaps i should call it the younger brother of Practically their services are very similar but TrnasferBigFiles has more restriction on free users.


  • 100MB file limit
  • Files stored for 5 days and only available for 20 downloads


DropSend is popular among the creative community for sending large files to client. One significant difference of this service is that it always requires users to login before sending files. The good side of DropSend is its relatively large file size limit, 2GB but it comes with a lot of other restrictions.


  • 2GB file limit
  • Online storage of 250MB
  • Only 5 sends per month
  • 10 downloads per file
  • Only 1 recipients per email

Personally i prefer a short and useful services round up rather than long list that stuffed with useless stuff. Hope that these four recommendations enlighten you of choices available on the internet to send large files. Do you use a better service? Welcome to share your opinion here.